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Visit Paul's site regularly to see new trailcam shots of wildlife close to his studio. "I feel fortunate to live and work in such a beautiful area where wildlife is abundant."

Muskoka Life, July 2013
July 02, 2013 | Tag(s): Profile

Encaustic painting is not for the faint of heart. Almost every step in the process of working with melted wax mixed with colour pigment carries some hazard.

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Muskoka Magazine, September 2012
September 02, 2012 | Tag(s): Profile

Artist Paul Garbett decided to make the big move from the city to Muskoka four years ago. He has not regretted if for a moment. However, like most brave artists who follow their passion, he admits it was tough - making the decision to make money from his art and give up his day job.

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