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Visit Paul's site regularly to see new trailcam shots of wildlife close to his studio. "I feel fortunate to live and work in such a beautiful area where wildlife is abundant."

Whistler Traveller, Summer 2019
July 07, 2019 | Tag(s): Profile

CONNECTING WITH BEARS By NICOLE FITZGERALD The bear chooses us. Indigenous peoples have always known this. Many indigenous nations organize themselves under houses such as bear, salmon or deer. Each family is born into an animal with the duty to protect. In this way, all animals are cared for. So, for those not falling within this family system, an animal, like the bear, instead comes looking for us.

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Unique Muskoka, July 2017, issue 6
July 02, 2017 | Tag(s): Profile

It's been 10 years since artist Paul Garbett traded in his fast-paced city life for a quieter and slower-paced Muskoka life. Garbett had just turned 50 when he decided that becoming an artist and painting full-time was something he wanted to do.

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Muskoka Life, July 2013
July 02, 2013 | Tag(s): Profile

Encaustic painting is not for the faint of heart. Almost every step in the process of working with melted wax mixed with colour pigment carries some hazard.

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